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IIT Kanpur Launches Four Innovative eMasters Programs, Eliminating GATE Score Requirement

News on Edu 18th Sept 2023 ArdorComm Media Group IIT Kanpur Launches Four Innovative eMasters Programs, Eliminating GATE Score Requirement

IIT Kanpur has recently launched four new online postgraduate programs, and interestingly, applicants will not require GATE scores for admission. These programs cover various fields, including climate finance and sustainability, renewable energy, e-mobility, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business leadership in the digital age. The application process for the first session, scheduled for January, is now open until October 31. Prospective students can apply through the official website at Additionally, IIT Kanpur is introducing new sessions for its existing eMasters programs, covering areas such as data science, business analytics, financial technology, management, public policy, wireless technologies, cybersecurity, and more. The Climate Finance and Sustainability program aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of financial strategies and sustainable initiatives, while the Renewable Energy and e-Mobility program will cater to the growing alternative energy sector. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program will equip professionals with the skills needed in this rapidly evolving field, and the Business Leadership in the Digital Age program will enhance professionals’ knowledge of modern business dynamics. These new programs offer flexible completion times ranging from one to three years, accommodating various schedules. They include live interactive classes held exclusively on weekends, along with self-paced learning. Each program consists of a 60-credit, 12-module curriculum designed to meet industry demands. Faculty and researchers from IIT Kanpur will lead these programs, providing valuable real-world insights. Participants also have the opportunity to transfer up to 60 credits for future higher education pursuits (MTech/PhD) at IIT Kanpur. Moreover, these programs grant access to IIT Kanpur’s placement and incubation cells, as well as its extensive alumni network, enriching career growth and networking prospects. Participants may also visit IIT Kanpur’s campus, interact with esteemed faculty, and engage with experienced professionals, ultimately earning the prestigious IIT Kanpur alumni status. Notably, the eMasters program at IIT Kanpur will award senate-approved eMasters degrees during convocation, distinguishing it from diplomas or certificates.