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Takeda launches hemophilia drug Adynovate in India

-By ArdorComm News Network

Takeda Pharma has expanded its unique rare diseases portfolio in India with the launch of Adynovate, an extended half-life recombinant Factor VIII (rFVIII) medication for haemophilia A patients that uses existing technology (controlled PEGylation).

It also stated that Adynovate, when used in conjunction with MYPKFIT, the first and only FDA-approved app, provides a personalised and interactive prophylaxis treatment option that allows both healthcare professionals and patients to monitor factor VIII levels in real time from the comfort of their own homes using a mobile phone. Patients on prophylaxis receive alerts when their predicted factor VIII levels are low, as well as reminders when their infusions are due, ensuring excellent prophylactic coverage.

Adynovate, which is administered in three phases with the BAXJECT III system, avoids the requirement for vial disinfection because vials are fully built in the system housing. It can be stored at room temperature for up to three months without exceeding the expiration date, provided that the temperature does not exceed 30°C (86°F).

Takeda Pharma has been focused on driving thorough research to enable the development of successful and novel treatments in the company’s chosen therapy areas as a global leader in pharma, according to the corporate statement.

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