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Tamil Nadu Farmers Profit from Government-backed Bio Fish Tanks

In 2023, the Fisheries Department of Tamil Nadu introduced Bio Fish Tanks, revolutionizing fish farming for local farmers. These tanks, subsidized by the government, have enabled farmers like Sebastiyar from Thirukkanur Patti village in Thanjavur district to rear fish at low costs.

Sebastiyar shared insights into this innovative venture, highlighting the assistance provided by the Fisheries Department in setting up bio fish tanks using tarpaulin. With adequate training, farmers optimize water usage for fish growth, a crucial aspect of sustainable farming.

While Sebastiyar noted that bio fish tanks may not be universally profitable, he emphasized their suitability for small-scale businesses. Each tank can accommodate around 450 fish, but with two tanks, Sebastiyar can rear up to 1000 fish at a time. The tanks are specifically designed for Tilapia or Jalebi Fish and lobster, known for their nutritional value and economic viability.

One key advantage of bio fish tanks is their protective covering, shielding fish from predators like crows and cranes, a feature not feasible in traditional water bodies. Sebastiyar’s success in fish sales underscores the practical benefits of this scheme, attracting customers from nearby villages.

To participate, individuals must visit their district’s Fisheries Department office, submit necessary documents, and qualify for subsidies ranging from 40% for men to 60% for women.

Through Bio Fish Tanks, Tamil Nadu’s farmers are not only boosting their incomes but also contributing to sustainable aquaculture practices, paving the way for a thriving agricultural sector.


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