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Healthcare Innovation Set to Double, Reaching $60 Billion Opportunity in India by FY28

A recent report by Bain & Company and HealthQuad reveals a promising outlook for healthcare innovation in India, projecting its value to double to $60 billion by FY28. This growth surge is part of India’s broader healthcare market, expected to reach $320 billion by the same time, driven by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12%.

Healthcare innovation currently constitutes 15% ($30 billion) of India’s healthcare market, with approximately 55% of it export-oriented. Aarthi Rao from Bain & Company anticipates substantial expansion, emphasizing not only value engineering but also business innovation, particularly in biotech, vaccines, and med-tech sectors.

The report identifies four key segments driving healthcare innovation: pharma services, health-tech, vaccines, and biotech, and med-tech. Health-tech, which includes consumer-facing solutions like telemedicine and enterprise-facing solutions like B2B e-commerce, witnessed a significant boost, doubling from $3 billion in FY20 to $7 billion in FY23.

India’s success in the vaccines and biotech market has been remarkable, with revenues reaching $4 billion in FY23, driven by exports. The country has become a vaccine powerhouse, supplying around 60% of global vaccine demand. Additionally, biotech startups are leveraging new technologies to develop innovative products.

Pharma services remain a dominant force, constituting around 50% of the healthcare innovation market. India’s pharma services market, valued at $16 billion in FY23, has seen significant growth driven by exports and the country’s emergence as a leading CDMO player globally.

Charles-Antoine Jannsen from HealthQuad notes India’s evolution in the biologics space, emphasizing its newfound strengths in research, manufacturing, and export. The accelerated adoption of telemedicine and e-pharmacies during the pandemic has further propelled health-tech growth.

Overall, India’s healthcare innovation landscape presents a compelling growth story, driven by technological advancements, favorable government initiatives, and an expanding global footprint.


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