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The government refuses to accept 14 Collegium picks for HC Judges

-By ArdorComm News Network

The union government has refused to accept the 14 names for appointment in the high court as judges, asking the Supreme Court collegium to review its recommendations. These numbers included the oldest recommendations made by the collegium back in July 2019.  As per the people who are in contact with the development, the government took more than a year to decide on returning 10 of these 14 names whereas two of them have been sent back for the second time even after the collegium reiterated them.

The names which were returned for reconsideration this month included five names for appointment in the Calcutta High court, which was pending with the government since July 2019, despite the final recommendation from the SC collegium. In the same way, one name for Jammu and Kashmir has been pending for 21 months while the other one was not accepted by the governmentfor the same court and was forwardedin March this year after additional inputs.


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