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The hiring activities see a boom; it grew to 11% sequentially in July, which was more than pre-covid levels 

Hiring activities showed record-breaking growth in July. A sequential increase of 11 percent for overall hiring was seen in July. This shows a strong recovery in economic growth and business after the covid-19 impact.

As per the report by, there were a total of 2,625 job postings, as the hiring trend grew to 11 percent in July, in comparison to 2,359 postings in June. Which is the highest ever increase seen in the job hiring. 

The Naukri JobSpeak is a monthly index that calculates and records hiring activities, which is done based on per month job listings on the website. According to its report, businesses have continued to do well. Sectors of digitization, the IT software or software services sector have noticed its growth momentum with an 18 percent increase in July compared to June. Positive growth is seen in almost all the sectors. This has brought a wave of hope for job seekers, as per the report.


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