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Top ten Edtech startups to look up for in 2021

-By ArdorComm Media Bureau

The pandemic year taught us a lot of new ways of living and certainly changed a hell lot of habits. When it comes to looking back at the history of education in 2020, missing edtech will be impossible. Either online coaching classes or K-12 coaching modules, without edtech there was no other way to keep up with the education. 

Because of this a lot of edtech companies witnessed J-curve in terms of their user subscription, funding scale, attracting the interest of investors, entrepreneurs with a never expected boom before in 2020. If we look at the figures in 2020 the edtech startups attracted total funding of $1.4 billion, as compared to $1.8 billion raised by edtech startups in total for the period from 2014 to 2019. With this new trend in education and increasing demands for edtech, the Indian edtech market is expected to touch $10.2 billion in the next five years. As per the data received by Inc42 Plus, K-12 Learning solutions are expected to account for 41% of the total edtech market share by 2025 where this K-12 learning solution is estimated to see a growth of 3.7 times in the coming years. Thus, these upswing growths of startups have shown a major aspect of growth in the edtech sectors. Here are a few edtech as per Inc42 that is going to be a big hit in 2021.

  • Classplus; empowering tutors to go digital: As per the data, close to 7 crore students take tuition every year. Focusing on the scope of such an education era. It is a very focused area to grow and with huge demand. In the last year, the company’s growth has been ten times. Thus, it can be seen as one of the most aspiring ideas for edtech.
  • Masai school; creating a new breed of software developers and programmers: Bengaluru-based edtech Masai school is aiming for a $3.1 billion software development and programming market. Masai schools look up to train professionals as well as beginners via the income sharing agreement (ISA) model. As per Inc42, in 2021 Masai school will foray into three new verticals including a program for a pre-final year for college students for software development, UI/UX training, and data analytics.
  • Practically; AI-based real-time attentive Index and Virtual classroom platform: The edtech startup practically offers an AI-based real-time attentiveness index and a virtual classroom session to schools. Practically is expected to generate revenue of 40 crores in the financial year 2022. As the startup is looking out for pan India expansion in 2021.

There are various other ambitious edtech startups to look up for in 2021 that can create a huge market space for edtech. These are quizizz, skillmatics, textbook, Winuall.  These startups will be the future of Indian edtech trends in the coming times.

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