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Trangile Services aims to hire 500 IT professionals

In order to provide global development services in the technology sector, Trangile Services on Friday announced plans to hire 500 technology professionals. The company will provide the new hires with training at Trangile Academy, a cutting-edge training centre located in Noida. According to a release, Trangile Services would also place the talent after training with Indian and international organisations across the technology spectrum.

According to the announcement, Trangile Services has increased the seating capacity at its global development centre in Noida from 150 to 400. “Amidst the global hiring slowdown, Trangile Services continues to see robust demand for talent supply across the technology spectrum from its Indian and global clientele,” stated Piyush Madan, Co-Founder & CEO of Trangile.

He said, “We are well on our path to hiring 500 technology professionals and providing organisations with an opportunity to add world-class talent at a competitive cost.”

“To support our hiring plans over the next few months, we have expanded our Global Development Centre at Noida. We have added more space increasing our training centre’s seating capacity to meet the growing demand for ready-to-deploy talent by organisations in India and overseas,” Madan added.

Trangile, which was founded in early 2022, now has over 450 people working for it at its client locations and worldwide development centre in Noida. The statement mentioned that Trangile has offices in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and London.

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