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Twitter reduces workers in the TA department by 30%.

-By ArdorComm News Network

Twitter has further called for the firing of 30% of the members of the talent-acquisition team after briefly stopping hiring activities this year. The Company disclosed to the media that 30% of the workers in the talent-acquisition department were let go. Twitter has promised that departing employees will get a severance payment, but no specifics have been provided.

It’s also unclear how many employees will actually be impacted. Twitter had declared a hiring freeze in the majority of departments in May 2022 as a cost-saving measure. Since Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is in the process of buying Twitter, it is assumed that the company is making all necessary preparations for its continued operations.

Although the CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal, stated in a note to staff that the hiring freeze does not signal that there will be layoffs, employees from the talent acquisition department are being asked to leave just a month after the hiring pause. Additionally, Twitter plans to reprioritize the roles of the remaining talent acquisition team members.

The continuing takeover of Twitter by Musk has not been favourably received by the company’s current staff. In his interactions with the staff, Musk made it clear that a limited number of employees will be permitted to work from home. Employees of Twitter are currently permitted to work from any place.

Musk also stated that the company will make certain logical decisions that may include layoffs in order to achieve financial stability. He had, however, also promised that those who perform well need not be concerned about their jobs.

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