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Twitter shuts offices in Delhi and Mumbai, employees asked to work from home

Elon Musk has already closed two of its three offices in India after already firing 90% of its 200 employees there. The employees have been asked to work remotely. Musk also shut the Twitter office in Mumbai in addition to Delhi.

The Bengaluru office is still in operation. The majority of the employees in this office are engineers who work at the Twitter US headquarters. Musk seems to have, at least temporarily, diverted his attention away from the Indian market.

The Company’s cost-cutting efforts include closing the two offices in India. Since the start of the layoffs, Twitter has struggled with content regulation and general functionality. The CEO had previously suggested that it might take him a full year to bring about operational stability and financial stability for the social media company.

According to reports, Twitter has been settling lawsuits brought by a number of service providers and contractors after failing to pay the rent for its headquarters in San Francisco and London. It was also reported a few weeks ago in Singapore when landlords led staff out of the office building.

According to media reports, Twitter had to collect money for rent in some locations by selling some of its office assets. Musk has never obscured the fact that his company’s revenues have been dropping, and he has even made indications about a potential bankruptcy.

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