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UGC asks universities to allow students to write exams in regional languages even if course is in English medium

The University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairperson, M Jagadesh Kumar has written a letter to all central universities urging them to promote the use of regional and local languages in teaching and learning in order to encourage the use of regional languages in higher education.

The letter also urged that students be allowed to write exams in regional languages even if the subject is taught in English. It also encouraged the varieties to develop original writing translation into local languages.

Student engagement will gradually rise, increasing the success rate, once teaching, learning, and assessment are conducted in the local languages. The target of raising the GER in higher education from 27% to 50% by 2035 will be greatly strengthened as a result, the letter says.

The UGC has also asked the universities for information on the list of books recommended for teaching in regional languages, the availability of faculty who can understand and teach in regional languages, whether or not students are able to write answers in regional languages, as well as an action plan to encourage the use of regional languages, among other things.

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