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Union Health Minister to Launch e-CARe Portal for Swift Repatriation of Indians Who Pass Away Abroad

Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya is set to launch the e-CARe (e-Clearance for Afterlife Remains) portal, a groundbreaking initiative to expedite the repatriation of deceased Indians from foreign countries. The portal’s primary goal is to establish a 24×7 Designated Nodal officer, ensuring swift scrutiny and approval within a 48-hour timeframe. This move aims to bring uniformity to the entire process, eliminating any subjectivity previously present in the procedures conducted by Airport Health Offices (APHOs).

The e-CARe portal offers numerous advantages, including round-the-clock accessibility, faster clearance, instant messaging for easy tracking, increased accountability, and flexibility in application submission. It allows any family member of the deceased to apply and become the consignee, not solely relying on the airlines. Moreover, it streamlines coordination among multiple stakeholders through a single interface.

The functioning of the portal involves timely intimations sent via email, SMS, and WhatsApp to relevant parties, including the Central International Health Division, Nodal Officer, APHOs, consignees, and airlines. During the initial 48 hours, updates are provided every 12 hours for the first 36 hours, followed by escalations every four hours for the subsequent 12 hours to prevent any clearance delays. Stakeholders can conveniently track the application status through the e-CARe portal using a registration number.

The e-CARe Portal ensures seamless coordination and transparency throughout the repatriation procedure. The final verification of original documents will take place at the respective arrival airport by the concerned APHO, ensuring a well-regulated and efficient process.

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