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Uttarakhand High Court Upholds Rights of Pregnant Women in Government Employment

The Uttarakhand High Court has delivered a groundbreaking ruling affirming that women cannot be denied employment due to pregnancy. This landmark decision, inspired by the case of Misha Upadhyay, who faced discrimination in a nursing officer position due to her pregnancy, represents a pivotal advancement in safeguarding fundamental rights and promoting gender parity within India’s workforce.

Commenting on this landmark verdict, Dr. Rennie Joyy emphasized the historical discrimination faced by women, often using pregnancy as a pretext to exclude them from job opportunities or hinder their career progression. The court’s decision challenges this systemic bias, highlighting the importance of motherhood while asserting that it should never serve as a barrier to professional advancement. By deeming such practices a violation of constitutional rights under Articles 14, 16, and 21, the court sets a crucial precedent for fostering an inclusive and equitable society.

Dr. Joyy further lauded the judgment, noting its role in rectifying past injustices and creating a more gender-sensitive environment where women can pursue their careers free from discrimination. This ruling underscores the necessity of cultivating workplaces that accommodate and respect women’s reproductive choices, aligning with global efforts toward achieving gender equality, including Sustainable Development Goal 5.

Meanwhile, Advocate Faizan Mirza of the Bombay High Court – Nagpur Bench hailed the decision as a significant victory for fairness, emphasizing its role in promoting respect for women and equal opportunities in the workforce. He highlighted the absurdity of denying employment based on pregnancy and underscored the importance of treating all individuals with respect and providing them with equal opportunities for employment.

Mirza applauded the court’s decision as a step in the right direction toward ensuring fairness and equal opportunities in the workplace, setting a positive example for future generations. He recognized women’s resilience and capability in balancing multiple responsibilities and urged society to acknowledge and support their contributions without discrimination.Top of Form

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