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“Want Our Salaries Restored in Three Days”, Demands Air India Pilots’ Union

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The Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) and the Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) have been asking for their salary restoration since quite a few time now. To no avail, they have threatened to take industrial action if Air India does not restore their salaries within three days.

The two pilots’ union have been demanding together for their pay cuts to be rolled back to what it was originally. To compile their grievances, a letter was also written to the aviation secretary by the ICPA and IPG, which have at least 900 pilots as members.

India has decided to resume to and fro international flights from next month, therefore the pilots wish to see their pay cuts to be reversed as soon as possible. Air India had cut 55% of their pay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pilots’ unions have been calling the pay cut illegal and are demanding them to be restored to the pre-pandemic numbers.

In addition to the above requests, the pilots have additional queries about the disinvestment that they want addressed to receive clarity on the matter. Apparently in an agitated state, they have said that they want their demands to be addressed at met, otherwise they may declare an indefinite strike.

A slew of issues they want the Air India management to address are:

  • The 25 per cent arrears with interest, along with statement of gratuity
  • Leave encashment option
  • Medical benefits for all employees
  • Tending grades of first officers to be released
  • The tax issues on the layover substance allowance (which was held back during the pandemic)

Source: HR Katha

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