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With more and more people getting vaccinated, companies are all set to strengthen their hiring

-By ArdorComm News Network

As per the TeamLease Employment Outlook Report, companies “hiring percentage from October to December can be seen at the highest rate in the past one and half years.” As per the survey, 41 percent of companies are looking forward to hiring this quarter, which was just 38 percent in the July-September quarter.The survey covered 650 small, medium and large companies across 21 sectors. A high sense of positivity can be notices in the Indian White- and Blue-Collar Job Market, opined Rituparna Chakraborty, Executive Vice-President, TeamLease Services. As companies are now taking the initiative to call their employees back to the office, it is also a sort of assurance for the fact that businesses now are not expecting any significant disruption and if in case there will be a probability of the third wave, they will be prepared to handle it this time.
In September, Manpower Group Employment Outlook Survey also expressed data that showed Indian Employers are all set to aggressive hiring in the October-December quarter, with 64 percent of employers forecasting an increase in payrolls, 20 percent anticipating a decrease, and 15 percent aren’t expecting any change at all.


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