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Amazon will be laying off 18,000 employees globally; how will this affect India?

Amazon is reportedly preparing to layoff 1,000 employees in India as part of organizational-wide role eliminations, CEO Andy Jassy announced in a statement on January 5, 2023. Given that Amazon employs 100,000 people in India, the 1,000 jobs that would be lost would account for 1% of all employment there.

Jassy claims that the company disclosed its “painful choice” to eliminate many positions across its Devices and Books businesses in November. For a chosen number of PXT organisation employees, it also made a voluntary reduction offer. He also revealed the choice to eliminate 18,000 employees in 2023. Many teams will be impacted, but the PXT and Amazon Stores groups will see the majority of the roles terminated, he continued.

The Amazon CEO continued by stating that although in theory the company would delay such statements until after speaking with anybody who might be impacted, the announcement had already been made as a result of an inside leak. He said the company would begin getting in touch with the impacted employees on January 18.

“Normally, we hold off on discussing these results until we can get in touch with the people who will be directly impacted. But since one of our team members released this information to the outside world, we felt it would be preferable to break the news early so you could hear the specifics from me. Beginning on January 18, we plan to speak with affected workers (or, as appropriate in Europe, employee representation bodies),”¬†said Jassy.

Amazon has reported 18,000 job cuts, which are the company’s largest to date and more than other tech giants have disclosed, but the company still employs 1.5 million people worldwide, significantly more than any other internet company.

Jassy says that Amazon has endured difficult and turbulent economies in the past and will do so in the future.

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