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Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya suggests a medical education model for India

The Union Health Minister, Mansukh Mandaviya, urged everyone to develop an education system modelled on India on Thursday. While addressing with the heads of 150 private medical schools around the country, he remarked, “Let us create the India model of medical education that defines paradigm of accessible, affordable, credible and quality education.”

The minister spent around three hours listening to the comments, recommendations, insights, and questions from representatives of these medical institutions, the health ministry said in a statement. Representatives discussed and offered proposals for NEET PG, NeXT, admissions, faculty retirement age, journal articles, bonds for rural posting, district residency programme, etc. during the interaction.

We can only create an ecosystem with “Samvaad” where the government and other stakeholders in medical education advance in a setting of consent and consultation. One of the key pillars in this is a robust medical education sector, he noted.

Mandaviya urged the private medical institutions to move forward in a spirit of partnership in order to jointly develop a robust and energising medical education industry in the country. Let’s develop the “India Model” of medical education, he remarked, which establishes a standard for easily accessible, relatively affordable, reliable, and high-quality medical education.

He made mention of the recent “Heal in India” and “Heal by India” initiatives, saying that “India envisions to lead in the global arena on the strength of its medical sector not only to meet the domestic requirements but also meet the global demand of highly skilled and trained manpower, and quality medical and healthcare and wellness services.”

The minister expressed concern about medical institutions that had become “merely businesses to the exclusion of “sewa bhaav” deeply embedded in the Indian ethos,” according to the official statement.

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