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As per a survey: Over 68% students prefer to continue their further education in their home country

-By ArdorComm News Network

After participating in a recent survey, around 68% of over 3000 class 11 and 12 students mentioned
that they would like to pursue their further education in their home country only. This number has
seen a jumped increase of 24 % in it, as compared to last year. For this survey titled Student Quest
Survey Report, more than 6,600 students between classes 9 to 12 participated from over 2,000
schools from India and South Asia. If we look at the round figure on an overall basis, only 25% of
students are planning to go abroad for their further studies this year.
The quality of faculty for choosing higher education institute was ranked low by the students
belonging to class 9 and 10 standards, while students of class 11 and 12 ranked it higher as an
important aspect. An overall 83 % of students prefer the quality of education as the main cause for
choosing their education abroad.

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