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More than 600 ventilators are asked to be either replaced or rectified by the Tamil Nadu Government

Two months ago the medical device maker Philips had announced the recall of Phillips
Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), Bi-level positive airway pressure (Bi-Level PAP),
and the mechanical ventilator devices. The state government of Tamil Nadu has asked the
company to now either replace or rectify the problem that occurred in over 600 invasive
and non-invasiveventilators, which were being used in the Government Hospitals.
Along with that, the] firm has also issued safety alerts to address the potential health risk
that include carcinogenic and toxic effects to have occurred while usage of these devices.
The safety alerts were issued in June this year, which later initiated a recall notification as
well. The devices found problematic were responsible for pushing air in patients’ lungs, who
are suffering from obstructive pulmonary disease or sleep disorder, in such cases breathing
intermittently stops. As per the notification issued by the firm, it was said that the foam
used in these particular devices to reduce sound and vibration was found defective.


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