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Government’s e-Shram Portal To Register 38 Crore Unorganized Workers

-By ArdorComm News Network

The portal aims at keeping a record of all unorganized workers in its database to
register them for social-security benefits.

India is a country where poverty runs rampant. The pandemic was a recent eye-opener to recognize the
voice of the people working in the unorganized sector in the country. The migrant crisis compelled us
to think of the state of the unorganized workers.
According to Financial Express, around 80% of our country’s population is employed in the informal
sector. Of the 80% of people working in the unorganized sector, 40% work in agriculture.

To keep a track of the unorganized workers in India, the government launched the e-Shram portal on
August 26, 2021. Around 38 crore Indian unorganized workers will be registered in the portal including
those working as labourers, street vendors, migrant workers, and domestic workers.
A toll-free number- ‘14434’ was also launched by the government to address the issues related to
unorganized workers or their queries. The portal will register all unorganized workers to provide them
social-security benefits as per government guidelines.
Workers can register themselves using their Aadhar and bank account numbers to register themselves
on the portal. Once the registration process is complete, they will receive a unique e-Shram card with
a 12-digit number. This card will help them avail various government policies and benefits.
The details of all unorganized workers will be shared by all departments of respective states in the

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