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As per Lancet study: A covid-19 infection can lead to a higher risk of preterm birth during pregnancy

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The researcher of the University of California (UC) San Francisco in the US found that the risk of preterm birth occurs at less than 32 weeks, was 60 percent higher for people infected with Covid-19 at some point in their pregnancy. This report was published in the Lancet Regional Health Journal. For people with the issue of hypertension, diabetes, and or obesity as well as Covid-19, the risk of preterm birth during pregnancy rises to 160 percent. Preterm birth is a matter of concern for the infant as well as the mother. It also leads to a higher risk of infant complications. Therefore, with the surge of increased infection of Delta Virus cases. It has become important to look after pregnant women for ensuring their safety and decreasing the risk of preterm birth. 

As per the research analysis of all live births between, January 2020 to 2021, documented by the California Vital Statistics birth certificate, out of 240,157 recorded births, nearly 9,000, or 3.7 percent, indicating a Covid-19 diagnosis pregnancy. According to a study, the preterm birthrate among birthing people with a covid-19 diagnosis was 11.8 percent compared with 8.7 percent among those without the disease, as published in

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