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Is the trending technology making a better impact on education?

-By Preeti Kumari

Big Data, the Internet of things, and Machine Learning are the latest trends in education. However, during Covid-19 these trends became the major path to connect learning and the learner. Students in this new pandemic era have to get used to distance learning. In this situation, online teaching was the only best substitute available. 

On the other hand, even if schools go back to normal and reopen, the online education trends will still be a trend to stay. These latest Edtech trends are being revolutionized with a strong focus on connectivity, versatility, and student-centric learning. Edtech technologies can only be successful when it can endure its technology to do overall improvement of learning in all aspects. As the Association for educational communications and technology (AECT) has defined EdTech as facilitating, learning, and improving performance by creating using, and managing appropriate technology. On the other hand, educators have an easier way of interpreting EdTech. They say it is the way of converting book learning into eLearning. According to them the main essence of learning is either through EdTech or Traditional education, only lies in the way the knowledge is being delivered to the learner. Hence, in the end, educators do appreciate these new EdTech trends for making learning effective. That too in the pandemic situations where it was the lender of last resort.

Why it is so necessary?

No doubt EdTech has improved the learning process. It has replaced the traditional ways of learning with certain new trends. There are so many changes that have revived the way of educating and education. We must look into the fact that how this has improved the way of learning.

  • Innovative teaching methods: Any technology that we look around is an innovation by humans. While technologies get adapted to the teaching environment. It has made the teaching innovative and effective. The new EdTech trends are allowing the teachers to use various new aspects of technologies and be creative in the way of their teaching. Another special perk that EdTech has given teachers is to allow them to design online courses for students. Which can be learned and accessed by students in their own time and space. By this, barriers to learning are being eradicated with simplifying education.
  • Teaching and learning process simplified: EdTech is not just making learning ways easy be it online or offline. It is also creating possibilities for making learning more fun as a process. EdTech makes the student feel more engaged in learning through virtual reality, gamification, and live interaction. 

Improve Collaborative teaching: Initially, it was becoming a challenge that how technology will be able to bring back or make up for the classroom essence that is missing. Now EdTech tools have created a system where teachers and students can connect, discuss and share their opinions and act accordingly to find a relatable solution. Within E-learning it is easy for students to communicate and discuss topics among peers. Here teachers can act as a mentor and simplify the process as more of a productive discussion and not just one-sided listening.

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