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Reopening of schools is more of a dilemma than relief for parents

-By ArdorComm News Network

Even after witnessing a relief in the case count of Covid-19, after a harsh second wave. As a ray of hope schools are all set to reopen. As per a survey report published in moneycontrol, almost 48% of parents do not wish to send their children to school until their children are fully vaccinated or in case the covid-19 cases go to zero.

As per a survey conducted by an online platform, local circles in late July, around 37000 parents of which 47 percent are based in tier 1 district, 27 percent in tier 2 and 26 percent respondents were from tier 3,4, and rural districts.

Another 21 percent of parents said, they would send their kids to school even if vaccination is not done. But they at least expect the number of cases to come down to zero. So that they can feel their kids are safe.

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