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Backdoor admissions I medical colleges must be stopped: Delhi HC

Asper the orders by The Supreme Court, every admission into all the government and private medical colleges should be made through a centralized counseling system based on the NEET examination results. Keeping this in mind, Delhi HC said, “Many students burn the oil day and night working hard to get into the educational institution based on merit. Therefore, our moral duty is to ensure that there is no backdoor entry for admissions in any institutions, including medical colleges”.
This observation by the highcourt came into the limelight whiledismissing an appeal made by five students who were granted admissions in 2016 by LN Medical College Hospital and Research Center, Bhopal, without centralized counseling conducted by the Department of Medical examination. Henceforth, the Medical Council of India issued a dismissal letter regarding these five petitioners in April 2017. Afterward, a lot of communications were also sent, but neither the students nor the institution paid attention.


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