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Delhi: 53 Fresh Cases of Dengue Reported in the State, Cumulative Cases Rise To 211 This Year

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Delhi: Dengue has been on the rise in India, and now, the nation’s capital Delhi is the new target. According to data, Delhi has recorded over 50 new Dengue cases in the past week. The total count for this year is a little more than 210. In addition, 87 new cases have been added till September 18, which is about 41 per cent of the total cumulative cases.

Dengue cases have been at a record high from January 1- September 18. This number is the highest since 2019 when the reported cases were estimated to be around 217. Civic reports by municipal corporations show that 158 cases have been logged till September 11, 2021, and 53 new cases have been documented by the end of last week. In August, 78 new cases were reported in total. The death toll, so far, has been zero.

According to reports, the month-wise distribution of cases is — January (0), February (2), March (5), April (10) and May (12), June (7) and July (16). In the previous years, the cases in the same period were — 1,375 (2016), 1,465 (2017), 343 (2018), 217 (2019) and 172 (2020).

According to the civic report released on Monday, 86 cases of Malaria and 44 cases of Chikungunya have been reported till September 18, 2021.

Source: Financial Express

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