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Basic Salary of Delhi MLA’s to Increase to Rs 30,000: Delhi Government

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Earlier, the MLAs were drawing a basic salary of Rs 12,000 per month

New Delhi: Delhi MLAs, who were earlier earning a basic salary of Rs 12,000 per month, will now receive Rs 30,000 as basic income. This follows the approval given by the Delhi Cabinet to hike their salary and allowances, which is apparently lower than that of the MLAs of other states.

Henceforth, the MLAs of Delhi will get a total of Rs 90,000 a month, including basic salary and other allowances. Earlier, this amount was Rs 54,000, exclusive of reimbursements. The revised reimbursement structure is yet to be disclosed.

The MLAs will now receive Rs 25,000 as constituency allowance, Rs 15,000 as secretariat allowance, Rs 10,000 as conveyance allowance and Rs 10,000 towards telephone bills.

The other reimbursements are paid in the form of electricity and water bills, medical treatment, allowance for attending assembly sessions daily (not more than 40 days a year) and House committee meetings, pension, family pension, yearly travel and monthly reimbursement for data entry operators.

A revision has been pending ever since the last revision in 2011. About five years ago, a change in the compensation structure of Delhi MLAs was mooted, when it was proposed that the basic salary of MLAs be raised to Rs 54,000 and the total salary inclusive of allowances be hiked to Rs 2.1 lakh. However, instead of a basic salary of Rs 54,000, the Centre has now approved a basic salary of Rs 30,000.

Source: HR Katha

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