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OTT Platforms opening new possibilities for media content

OTT platforms have boomed in the time of the pandemic. When movie theaters were shut and daily soaps were stopped, a new adoption of entertainment related to the OTT platforms likes; Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, and many more took place. Also, we can expect a lot of newer platforms to arrive in the coming time. This can also be called a revolution in the media and entertainment segment. 

There are a lot of perks and benefits when a person looks up to OTT (Over the top). Content delivery on the internet in the era where people nearly do not have many options to go for. While on OTT you get almost everything and variety under the sun and maybe in the coming days it can cover things over the sun as well. No one knows the limits of possibilities these OTT platforms can give you as an audience.

Some various features and criteria make OTT platforms unique.  It gives you a lot of freedom without checks and balances, which lets the audience explore a set of unexplored facets of entertainment.

  • No forceful advertisement to watch: Gone are days when the audience was supposed to watch ads as a compulsion for every episode or other content they watched on television. There were times when surfing the other channels too was not an option as ads used to get played simultaneously on all almost all prime channels.  So here you go entertainment without interruption on the OTT platforms. You can watch any movie, series, or drama without any interruption. 
  • Unwanted waits are over: Gone are the days when you have to watch an episode and wait for another day patiently to watch another. In that case, the cruelest day seems to be the weekend where the waiting use to become even more longer. Now the moment a series or content is released on the OTT platform, you get the privilege to watch every episode or on the same days in one stretch depending on your preferences. Or you can leave wherever you want and start again from there whenever you wish to.
  • No boundaries and criteria defined: There were times when a lot of series and movies could not even get released. Just because they could not meet up with the expected standards of the censor board committees. Well not to worry now. An unexplored world of entertainment with no filters is available for its audience without any barriers. To give its audience a touch of entertainment with reality.

These OTT platforms are revolutionary as well as unpredictable. Therefore, a lot of expectations are yet to be met by OTT platforms in the coming times. With that audience will also have to decide where they want to set their standards for saturation and from where they wish to come back to the normal content. Or will they not come ever.

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