ArdorComm Media Group CEO’s Return Triggers a Big Wave of Resignation Amongst Employees

-By ArdorComm News Network

Everyone in the business world is aware of the actions taken by the CEO of – Vishal Garg. Last year, the CEO was in the news for laying off more than 900 employees of the company over a Zoom call without any warning. A video of the grim Zoom call went viral on social media and amongst various news channels which caused great harm to the reputation of the CEO and the company.

Now, the CEO is back to the company with reportedly good intentions but the staff is still upset by his behavior and actions. As a result, many employees from the company have started putting down their papers after the CEO’s return from a month-long break.

Actions do we have consequences and after the negative publicity Garg received, he was sent on a break to reflect on his leadership style and actions. He had even issued an apology for the way he laid off his employees.

However, when the company reinstated the CEO saying that he is back with a lot of positive changes and plans to take a more different leadership approach, it didn’t put the employees at ease. As reported by TechCrunch, the company’s employees started putting down their papers.

Source: HR Katha and TechCrunch


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