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Schools, Colleges Reopening Latest Update: List of States Allowing In-Person Classes

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Schools, Colleges Reopening 2022 Update: As the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is seeming to subside, many states in India have taken the decision to reopen schools and colleges from today i.e., 1st February. After a long break, students will be attending classes in-person soon.

As the number of COVID-19 cases have started declining in some states, the central government is working on a collective strategy to keep schools and colleges open even during the pandemic. Different states like Maharashtra, Punjab and Tamil Nadu have expressed their willingness to reopen schools and colleges soon.

Even the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman commented on the issue of closed schools and colleges saying, “Due to pandemic induced school closure, our children have lost almost two years of formal education. We recognized the need to impart supplementary teaching and to build resilient mechanisms for education delivery.”

List of states reopening schools today:

  1. Rajasthan:The state has resumed classes for students from 10 to 12 to attend in-person classes from February 1 while for students in classes 6 to 9, the schools will start from February 10.
  2. Madhya Pradesh:Few weeks ahead of its board exams, the state has resumed schools from today with 50 per cent capacity.
  3. Telangana:Students from across classes will be attending in-person classes from today.
  4. Karnataka:Karnataka will reopen schools for students in classes 1 to 9 from today.
  5. Maharashtra:While Mumbai had reopened its classes earlier, Pune and Nagpur have started to reopen schools today. Apart from Schools, colleges too will be allowed to open campuses.
  6. Punjab:Students in Chandigarh have started attending in-person classes from today.
  7. West Bengal: The state has announced to reopen schools from February 3. Teachers will have to attend schools from February 2. Schools will allow students of classes 8 to 12 only for now. For younger kids, community classes will be held as teachers will hold neighborhood classes.

According to, the government is working with experts from fields of health and education to create model frameworks for educational institutes. These frameworks will act as standard operating principles for schools if they decide to reopen. A timeline on this has not been revealed yet.


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