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CM Basavraja Bommai announced that 5,000 teachers are to appointed by the government in 2021

An announcement came from Chief Minister Basavraj Bommai, that appropriate actions will be taken this year to appoint 5000 teachers. The announcement came on the occasion of teacher’s day celebrations at Vidhana Soudha. This statement has been released as a response to the request initiated by the Ministers of Primary and secondary education, B C Nagesh. The CM later added to his statementthat the 21st century is the century of knowledge.

The country is smoothly moving forward to science, from science to technology and from technology to software. With these upcoming trends of education, it was said that teachers shall acquaint themselves with the updated trends and knowledge. Along with that he stated his opinion, that a person can only become a good teacher if he/she is a good student. With this he added, that the new education policy is profoundly student centric and requires to be implemented soon.


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