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Delhi Government claims to give free education to children who lost their parents during the pandemic, in the same school

Delhi Government has issued orders, that children who lost their parents in pandemic after March last year, shall be offered with free education and allotted the same school in which they were studying. These directives were issued by Delhi Government for the private school which is running on DDA or government allotted land. The Directorate of Education (DoE) said in an official order, “that all the children who lost their parents after march last year, either due to Covid-19 or any other reason, needs to be taken care of in terms of education. Such students are asked to be admitted to the same school without any draw of the lot if the schools are running on DDA or government allotted land. The approval for these kids to continue their education in the same school shall be done by a competent authority”.

On the other hand, such students can also be treated as students studying under economically weaker section disadvantage. Hence, the reimbursement will be paid by the Directorate of Education, and once these kids complete education till class 8, they can get admission to the government school. 


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