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Diagnostic Industry to see new possibilities in coming times with genetically driven testing

-By AC Media Bureau

With the rise of genetic disorders like Alzheimer’s, cystic fibrosis, and cancer. The importance of technology-driven fast genetic testing is gaining more importance.  According to a new market study published by Global Industry Analytics Inc., theglobal direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing marketwill reach $ 2 billion by 2026. diagnostic technologies in the labs today are allowing a person to get a genetic test in the comfort of their homes. For example, if a person witnesses a heart issue with his mother and a mental issue with his father. He can ask the diagnostic labs to get a genetic test done. The samples can be collected from the home and taken to labs. Where the genetic testing can be done and as a result. It can be informed to the person what diseases he is more prone and he can take precautions or other required steps to avoid such health issues. 

Significance of genetic testing

With the right diagnosis at the right time. It has become very easy to know what disease a person is more prone to and take the required measures to keep your body and health upto mark. As we all know precaution is always better than cure. In many medical conclusions, it is said. That a family doctor is always better than a specialist doctor. As the family doctors know the genetics issues related to a family or person. By being updated with the previous generation health history of the family. Diagnosing any person’s health issues and predicting the reasons for any health issues becomes more logical and easier. Also, the cure and precaution are based on the historical data available in the form of genetic data. Becomes easier and to the point.

Health and precaution becoming a priority

Genetic testing is currently being used on a large scale in pharmacogenomics, which is also known as drug-gene testing. Also, a molecular diagnostic helps in detecting and understanding a particular disease much earlier. In traditional methods, this facility was not available. But now it is simplifying the solutions as well. With this in genetic testing, it has become easy to detect several diseases at a fatal level, which can let a person know about any abnormalities that can occur in a child after birth.

 Molecular diagnostic allows understanding gene patterns and cell behavior detection. This new technology-based genetic diagnostic can especially be helpful in the case of cancer. As a most complicated and fearful disease. It is a gift that technology-driven genetic testing is giving to the world by early detection and precautions.

With the pandemic hit the world. We all have realized that a better health condition and the right precaution are most convenient. As the economy rises and the demand for better health facilities is also rising. A good infrastructure for health does form an important base. On the other hand, a great technology that can eradicate the need for bigger infrastructure. Work more efficiently for better health solutions with technologies. That can allow a person to get diagnosed and cured so far. In the comfort zones of their home and eradicate the need of giving several rounds to hospitals in most cases. 


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