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DU to increase batch strength in lectures by 50-60%: Executive Council

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Delhi University has decided to increase the number of students in a lecture by around 50 to 60% per batch, a move that has been opposed by teachers.

According to the university’s new plan, the number of students in tutorials would triple. The resolution was passed by the university’s Executive Council on Thursday, with two EC members dissenting, claiming that the effort to raise the student-teacher ratio will have an impact on the quality of education.

According to EC member Seema Das, the DU has set a cap of 60 students each batch for lectures, 30 for tutorials, and 25 for practical classes in undergraduate programmes. Previously, the number of students in lectures in graduate courses was set at 40, while the number of students in tutorial and practical sessions was set at 8 to 10 and 15 respectively.

Postgraduate courses have 50, 25, and 15-20 students per batch, accordingly. On November 11, the university issued a notification to colleges in this regard.

“The Executive Council accorded its approval regarding uniformity in the teacher-student ratio in all the programmes and courses being offered by the university and its colleges, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels vide the notification,” Das added.

Several teachers’ bodies have spoken out against the notification, citing “bigger-than-ideal”¬†batch sizes. The dissenting members have stated that the November 11 notification will have a negative impact on the quality of learning at colleges and university departments.

Registrar Vikas Gupta stated in the notification that the regulation was created to provide uniformity in teacher-student ratios across all of the university’s programmes.

According to the dissenting members, increasing the tutorial group size to 30 students for UG courses and 25 for PG courses “negates” the concept of small group interaction and denies students the ability to gain a deeper knowledge and clarify their doubts.

Source: PTI

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