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Education Report 2021: Gender Equality In The Present-day Education Scenario

-By ArdorComm News Network

For a long time, women’s rights and gender equality have remained the most discussed topics in the world. Though women have a lot of freedom in different ways but have we noticed any monumental changes? The answer to that is yes.


Throughout the years, women have achieved what they had been manifesting for a long time. Some of the highlighted rights they demand include freedom from sexual violence, the allowance to hold public office and equal rights in family laws. So far, the response and support they’ve received are somewhat pleasing, but often it is associated with bias.


Firstly, we will look at the learning levels between the two genders. Throughout the learning levels between genders, gender equality is prominent. The National Achievement Survey (2017) was amongst the most trustworthy surveys conducted on a national level. They experimented on over 22 Lakh elementary students that comprised of boys and girls. The result was astounding. It clearly showed that the learning levels of boys and girls were indeed similar. We can conclude this if we consider average scores in Mathematics of girls and boys from Class 3 and 5, it is the same at 63 and 53. This conclusion also applies to Class 10 students where the grade difference between the two genders does not make it up to one per cent. However, a positive result is not always evident.


Even though the number of girls approaching education has increased over the past two decades, the count of girls who achieve attainment in education is still not appreciable. The number of girls enrolling for elementary and secondary education at the crucial stages of a child’s complete development has tripled from just 1.7 years in 1990 to 4.7 in 2018. Boys are also moving closer to completing their education. However, according to observations, many girls prefer not to continue their education after completing secondary education.


The latest Annual Status of Education Report “Early Years” proves that parents tend to invest more money for the graduation of their sons from private colleges with high fees. Whereas, parents often encourage their daughters to graduate from government facilities where the fees required to pay is negligible when compared to private facilities.


In the present world, artificial intelligence is replacing humans. But we still haven’t learnt to respect women and appreciate their presence in a highly male-dominated society.

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