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Emerging World of Modern Teleconsultation and Telemedicine Post Covid-19

-By Shikha Chaurasia

Pune: One of the most important facets of human life is striving to maintain good overall health which can only be achieved through magnificent healthcare. In a utopian society, healthcare benefits may be available to all kinds of people around the world, but in the times we live in, ‘healthcare-for-all’ is still a farfetched dream. 

In the emerging world of technological advances at every nook and cranny, we can say that we are evolving from primitive healthcare and are moving towards the world of modern teleconsultation and telemedicine. Technology has enabled us to dream for a future where every person will be able to seize the benefits of healthcare. 

Though telemedicine was initially considered to be “futuristic”, in today’s world, it has become a reality. With the help of technology and telecommunication services, people can now reap the benefits of healthcare which involves online consultation from various healthcare professionals who will guide you through the whole process of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and evaluation of your condition and overall health. 

With the help of teleconsultation and telemedicine, long-distance healthcare has been made possible due to which people from remote areas, where healthcare is not easily available, can now receive treatment via online consultations. It has helped drastically to reduce the gap between healthcare providers all around the world. Communication and opinions can now be freely relayed through teleconsultation. With online consultations on the rise, the patient can save on the peripheral costs of transportation and can save time.

In a world that has often been plagued by many epidemics and pandemics throughout history, the advancements in technology in the field of healthcare have made it possible to curb the severity of different kinds of epidemics all around the world. Various types of technologies like geographical monitoring have helped us in tracking and monitoring the extent of the spread of various kinds of viruses and diseases. Therefore, it has become an important tool in disaster management. 

Teleconsultation and exchange of information on the front of healthcare and medicine ensure standardization of healthcare and equity amongst individuals living in a particular region with the rest of the world. Teleconsultation and telemedicine act as an information superhighway for people across the globe. 

It is important to note that the Centre for International Rehabilitation says that with the advancements in telecommunication and telemedicine, proper rehabilitation and counseling can be provided to the people in remote areas who are in dire need of help but cannot reach out via traditional means.

 It has helped in bridging the gap between the common man who struggles for healthcare and the providers who want to reach out for help. Therefore, with advancements in teleconsultation and telemedicine, we are looking forward to a world whose future is not bleak but rather spectacular in terms of overall healthcare services like consultation, medicine, exchange of knowledge, information and ideas amongst people residing in any part of the world.

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