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Free online study module for Ukraine-returned medical students has been launched in Maharashtra

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The Maharashtra government on Thursday launched a three-month online course designed by the state’s health sciences university for medical students who have returned home after stopping their studies in war-torn Ukraine. The digital content was prepared by the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) in Nashik, in collaboration with Elsevier, a private entity.

The study module was introduced by State Medical Education Minister Amit Deshmukh and MUHS Vice-Chancellor Lt Gen Madhuri Kanitkar (retd). “The digital content has been developed by the MUHS with the help from Elsevier. It is a voluntary course for students who have returned¬†from Ukraine. This is a temporary arrangement for the students who at present have no access to education,” said Ms Kanitkar. According to her, the MUHS has also created a mobile application for the online learning module, which students can download on their phones and use to access the course material.

“Students interested in taking up the online course will have to register themselves on the MUHS portal. No fee will be charged from the students for this course,” the Vice-Chancellor said. Deshmukh said the module will prove useful for Ukraine-returned students and they should take advantage of it.

“Students pursuing medical education in Ukraine had to return to India due to outbreak of war there. To avoid educational loss of these students, the MUHS and Elsevier have made available useful content for them in a very short period,” the minister said. “As this course has been developed as a stopgap arrangement, there will be no special benefits of this course for the students,” said Amit Modi, a senior officer at Elsevier.

Source: PTI

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