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THIP Media launches WhatsApp chatbot for health info, fact check

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The Healthy Indian Project’s information media division, THIP Media, has announced the launch of a WhatsApp health information and fact-checking chatbot. Ask RAKSHA is the name of the chatbot. RAKSHA stands for Readily Accessible Knowledge and Support for Health Action.

The user-friendly chatbot will assist Indian citizens in finding answers to their health-related concerns as well as fact-checking any health-related information for free. Users can also subscribe to daily health tips or take a quiz to test their knowledge of health. The chatbot is now only available in English, but the company has assured that a version in Hindi and Bengali will be released soon.

“We’re pleased to support the launch of ‘Ask RAKSHA,’ The Healthy Indian Project’s chatbot built on the WhatsApp Business platform that will help users access credible health-related information from the independent third-party fact-checker, certified by International Fact-Checking Network,” said Shivnath Thukral, WhatsApp India’s Public Policy Director. The safety of our users is at the heart of everything we do at WhatsApp, and we’ve spent a lot of time and effort equipping users with resources and tools that help them fact-check and receive reliable information.

“We are thankful to WhatsApp for the cooperation in establishing this chatbot,” stated Sudipta Sengupta, CEO of The Healthy Indian Project (THIP). It helps us achieve THIP Media’s goal of providing all Indians with credible health information while simultaneously protecting them from health misinformation. It is great to be able to debut this on the eve of International FactChecking Day and World Health Day.”

THIP Media, a member of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), collaborates with recognised medical professionals to debunk false health, medicine, diet, and treatment claims.

Source: PTI

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