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Government mandates that doctors have a unique ID

According to the National Medical Commission’s (NMC) new regulations, doctors must get a Unique Identification Number (UID) in order to practise medicine in the nation. The NMC ethics board will centrally generate the UID, which will thereafter grant the practitioner registration in NMR and the right to practise medicine in India.

A common national medical register will be maintained for all of the nation’s licenced medical professionals, according to the most recent NMC announcement. The Ethics and Medical Registration Board (EMRB) of the NMC will maintain the same.

All entries for registered medical practitioners from all State Registers kept by the various State Medical Councils will be included in this record, together with all pertinent information on the practitioner.

The “Registration of Medical Practitioners and Licence to Practise Medicine Regulations, 2023” new notification stated that the license to practise medicine granted to a registered medical practitioner will be valid for a period of five years after which the medical practitioner will have to renew the license by submitting an application to the State Medical Council.

It said that applications for licence renewal may be submitted up to three months before the license’s validity expires.

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