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Hackensack Meridian Health expands Google Health Collaboration

Hackensack Meridian Health announced this week that it would do a complete transition towards Google Workspace and Chrome OS devices, one of the first health systems taking this path. It will also be expanding its collaboration with Google Cloud to enable deployment of more Artificial Intelligence Tools clinical decision support and enhanced care delivery.
This expansion in terms of workspace and Chrome OS, Chromebook, and Chromeboxes aims to better the quality of cyber security and boost provider’s productivity and users experience, said Hackensack Meridian Leaders.
While Hackensack meridian health will work with Google Cloud to apply the AI-enabled lookout for specific clinical use cases, such as screening and detection. Hackensack Meridian Health recently hired its new chief information and digital engagement officer, Kash Patel. The company has been using chrome enterprise over the past year, with 3,000 Citrix-approved chrome books deployed to give its remote workforce secure access towards its core application.


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