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Now students who have qualified Olympiads can directly get entry to IITs, and JEE Advanced won’t be required

-By ArdorComm News Network

Now students who have qualified for the International Olympiads can get direct admission to IIT. They won’t be required to clear JEE Advanced entrance test. IIT Kanpur made this announcement, which reportedly claims to give entry to students who have participated in Internationally renowned Olympiads, who are eligible to get direct access based on their performances in the competition.
It is justified that students who crack an international Olympiad go through complex preparation and selection processes. Students who will qualify for the Olympiad exam can apply directly for admission in their preferred subjects. However, the final acceptance of this new decision is yet to come from the head of departments of IIT. However, this latest entry for the admission system is introduced by IIT based on principal agreement. Hence there is no such guarantee regarding admission of these students yet.


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