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IIM Lucknow and Emeritus Launch 10-Month CEO Development Program

IIM Lucknow, in partnership with Emeritus, has introduced a Chief Executive Officer program that spans ten months. This program aims to provide extensive leadership development and equip senior executives with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to excel in their roles and drive business growth. It is open to individuals with a minimum of ten years of work experience who aspire to become CEOs and want to further enhance their abilities.

Upon successful completion of the Chief Executive Officer program, participants will be equipped to meet customer expectations, foster societal engagement, build brand trust, demonstrate purposeful leadership for effective change management, cultivate an innovation culture driving digital transformation, and revamp business models for strategic growth. This program is also tailored for leaders with at least a decade of work experience who are new to the CEO role or have recently founded a company. It emphasizes adaptability in the dynamic business environment, change management, strategic decision-making, organizational performance, functional expertise, and critical thinking.

The program’s main objective is to prepare CEOs to lead by promoting innovation within their organizations. It offers a blend of immersive online learning led by IIM Lucknow faculty and industry experts, combined with an on-campus experience at the IIM Lucknow campus. Additionally, participants engage in a capstone project under the guidance of IIM Lucknow faculty, business simulations like Capstone simulation and Strategy Simulation on Balance Scorecard, and opportunities for peer-to-peer learning. The program is carefully designed to help leaders develop practical, industry-relevant skills that will inspire their teams towards innovation and sustainability.

Eligibility for the program includes graduates (10+2+3), diploma holders (10+2+3), and postgraduates with a minimum of ten years of work experience. The classes for this program are scheduled to commence on December 30, 2023. The total fee for the ten-month course at IIM Lucknow is Rs 5,60,000, excluding GST. Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion and gain access to IIM Lucknow’s executive alumni network.

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