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IIT Kharagpur institutes full-ride scholarship for the JEE Advanced top 100 rankers

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IIT Kharagpur has instituted a full ride scholarship to support students who figure in the top 100 of all India rankings of JEE advanced, institute director Prof Virendra Kumat Tewari said on Wednesday. 

 The scholarship entitled  ‘Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Full Scholarship for Top 100 JEE (Advanced) Rankers’ will cover the entire expenses of students who win it till they complete their B.Tech course at IIT Kharagpur, Tewari said at the institute’s 71st foundation day programme held at its campus.

The scholarship will be implemented from the 2021-22 academic session and will consider students whose parents’ gross annual income is less than Rs 20 lakh, he said.

“At IIT Kharagpur we believe that not a single meritorious student should have their education limited due to financial constraints … It is our responsibility as well as our privilege and immense pleasure to support all such talented and meritorious but economically challenged students to access higher education.

“This scholarship is in the name of Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (Ishwar Chandra Bandyopadhyay) and he earned the title of ‘Vidyasagar’ for his vast knowledge in Sanskrit and Indian philosophy which was compared to the vastness of the ocean,” he said.

Students require funds not only to for tuition fees but for myriad other reasons like buying  books, transportation, food and lodging, he said adding the expense may be too high for a family to pay.

“The full ride scholarship will cover the entire cost of education of a student such as institution fees, hall expenses, text books, meals, gadgets and other miscellaneous expenses such as relocation expenses, personal expenses, other living costs and also to provide an out-of-pocket allowance. It will leave them free to focus on their studies and social life without worrying about money.”, said Prof Jayanta Mukhopadyay, the Dean Outreach and professor of computer science and engineering department at IIT Kharagpur.

Prof Surjya K Pal, the Associate Dean of Alumni Affairs and Branding and a professor of the mechanical engineering department said the institute will bear all the expenses of the chosen student throughout his tenure. “The students you are encouraged to carry on with your studies, not only for your bright future but also for the progress of the nation”.

If a student who has won the scholarship wants to be of support to his/her family, he/she can do so as there is a provision where the saved amount from the students expenses can be utilised for the benefit of immediate family members, he added.

Source: PTI

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