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New priorities required before inculcating MedTech

-By ArdorComm Media Bureau

Before the healthcare industry moves towards being fully-fledged health tech. A set of demarcations and regulations are required in the market. For a long decade, health tech technologies have tried to make a mark with the cutting edge in society. There were a lot of game-changing elements that mesmerized the health industry in the 20thcentury, like; antibiotics, insulin, and IVF. Yet again 21stcentury has surprised us with a new set of game-changing elements like robotic surgery, gene therapy, and COVID Vaccinations. Here, we must not forget the fact that innovation also comes with an element of risk. 

New technologies and can pose a sign of threat unless guarded with the right ethics and checkpoints. With new technologies arriving daily in the era of health technology. It has become important for startups of health tech to act with checks and ethics.

  • Ethical actions: health techs need to follow a set of ethics that can create a common base for the right set of actions for the innovations and their effects. It is then required to justify the common phenomenon that decreases the manipulation of any practices or their demand segments from people. 
  • Demarcation: The health tech industry and the universe of its innovations are almost endless. In this regard, it becomes important to see to what extent innovations remain as a boom and not a curse. A set of defined rules to act and apply shall be set for keeping the health tech industries under the right supervision.
  • Availability to the people: A lot of health tech innovations can be great and revolutionary but might not be available to all. This can happen in course of earning more and more profit. That cannot be a good idea to promote or support. Hence it becomes important to understand in what way the technologies can reach up to maximum people in the best way possible.
  • Infrastructure support and acceptance: Any innovation is almost no innovation if not supported by the right and required infrastructural setup to boost it up. On the other hand, many times we tend not to accept a lot of new technologies or methods. That’s mostly because a lot of people or segments are biased to give up on older techniques. Thus, there is a strong need to understand what needs to be changed and when.
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