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India seen as leader in health sector for its Covid handling

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Mansukh Mandaviya, the Minister for Health and Family Welfare, said on Tuesday that other nations around the world regard India as a leader in the health sector since “we managed the Covid-19 outbreak so well under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership.”

In response to a query about the country’s healthcare development, the Health Minister stated that the federal and state governments must collaborate in the health sector. In response to a question on states being given more ability to deal with disease outbreaks, the Health Minister told the House that, while health is a state topic, there is no divide between the Centre and the states when it comes to dealing with health-related issues.

In response to a question from Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’ Brien about retired servicemen’s medical¬†bills, Mandaviya stated that the government is dedicated to their welfare and is always ready to give services to those holding Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) cards. He further stated that the CGHS facility was previously available in 75 places across the country, but has now expanded to 81 cities.

In response to a question by Samajwadi Party member Rewati Raman Singh, Minister of State for Health Bharati Pawar stated that the country will have 22 All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Six of the ten proposed in the first phase have begun to operate with all departments. “Over 15,000 patients are being examined at these six AIIMS, over seven thousand major and minor surgeries have been doing in these AIIMS while the OPD facility in another 10 AIIMS will start soon”, Pawar said.

She told the House that the site for the new AIIMS proposed in Tamil Nadu had been selected in Madurai, in response to a query from DMK MP T Siva. “This AIIMS is being built with funding from the Japan International Cooperation Agency, and a Project Management Consultant has been appointed as well.” The state government has finalised the location for AIIMS in Darbhanga, she said, and construction on the structure would begin soon.

Source: IANS

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