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Over 13,000 primary schools in Gujarat do not have access to computer lab facility: Govt

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The Gujarat government notified the Gujarat Assembly on Monday that over 13,000 state-run primary schools lack computer laboratories.

In response to a question from Congress MLA Ashvin Kotwal, state Education Minister Jitu Vaghani claimed in a written response that 13,818 elementary schools do not have computer labs.

According to Vaghani’s data, the tribal-dominated Dahod district contains 1,024 such primary schools, followed by Mehsana (991), and Chhotaudepur (928). Patan 786, Kutch 739 and Mahisagar with 642.

In reply, Vaghani stated that, rather than computer laboratories, the state government has decided to establish “smart classrooms” in schools as part of its “Gyankunj Project” to provide education using the latest technology.

Source: PTI

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