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Infosys Implements 5-Day Office Work Mandate for Employees in the US and Canada

Infosys, a multinational IT company, has implemented a new work policy for its employees based in the United States and Canada. The policy mandates a five-day work week, requiring employees to be physically present in the office.

This change affects approximately 30,000 employees in these two countries. Working remotely will only be permitted under special circumstances with prior approval, and non-compliance with the policy may result in disciplinary action.

Infosys’ decision aligns with the recent trend observed in other major IT firms like Google and TCS, which have also implemented similar mandates for office attendance.

While the Covid-19 pandemic initially popularized remote work, companies are now shifting towards a return to office-based work and no longer considering remote work as a long-term option. In contrast, employees in India are following a phased approach to transitioning back to office-based work.

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