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Shoolini University Partners with University of Melbourne to Offer Dual Degree Programs for Indian Students

The University of Melbourne and Shoolini University have joined hands to offer a dual-degree program, beginning with the Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours). This collaboration marks the University of Melbourne’s first dual-degree partnership with a private Indian university.

Under the agreement, Indian students will have the opportunity to pursue undergraduate studies in Science at both institutions. They will spend two years at Shoolini University and then continue their education for the next two years at the University of Melbourne. During their third and fourth years, students can choose from a range of multidisciplinary majors, including Agriculture, Sustainability and Environment, Biosciences, and Computer Sciences.

In addition, eligible students will have the option to extend their studies by an extra year, completing a Master’s of Science degree at the University of Melbourne. This extension also provides them with the chance to apply for post-study work rights in Australia, subject to meeting the criteria set by the Australian government.

Professor Michael Wesley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Global, Culture and Engagement at the University of Melbourne, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that this collaboration with Shoolini University is the fourth dual-degree partnership with an Indian university and the first with a private institution. The University of Melbourne looks forward to working with Shoolini University.

Professor Atul Khosla, Vice Chancellor of Shoolini University, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the enhanced international study opportunities it provides to their exceptional undergraduate students. He believes that this collaboration highlights the global reputation of Shoolini University as a top-tier institution and opens doors to even more opportunities for their students.

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