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Kotak Mahindra Bank introduces benefit policy for new mothers

-By ArdorComm News Network

Kotak Mahindra Bank announces a New Mother Benefit policy, which will help provide financial support to new mothers for a period of one year after return to work, which will benefit them and their newborns.

Under the New Mother Programme, new mothers will get an allowance for a period of 12 months, ranging from the day the new mother joins back after maternity leave. Newly-joined employees and people who have recently adopted a toddler also are eligible for the benefit.

Sukhjit Pasricha, president & group chief human resources officer, Kotak Mahindra Bank, reveals that women employees make up nearly a quarter of the Bank’s workforce and that it has “always been sensitive to developing a better work culture for Kotak Wonder Women”. Therefore, women have enjoyed flexible work hours, flexible work opportunities, and other arrangements.

In Pasricha’s words, “We endeavor to keep doing more and more on this front. Any mother who returns to work post child delivery practically to address this need of our women employees. We want to support them in better managing their careers as well as their children’s lives.” Apart from this, the company already has an extended maternity leave policy, part-time work options for flexibility, tie-ups with creche services, and medical insurance which covers the newborn from day one.

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