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No shortage of teachers, principals in KVs across country: Education Ministry

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The Lok Sabha was informed on Monday that there is no lack of principals and teachers in Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country.

According to the Ministry of Education, the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS), an autonomous body that operates KVs across the country, has carried out a rationalisation effort to ensure the availability of an adequate number of regular teachers in the school.

Annapurna Devi, Union Minister of State for Education, provided the information in a written reply in Lok Sabha.

“There is no such shortage of principals and teachers as teachers are regularly engaged on contractual basis pending regular recruitment, for which advertisement has been issued recently. Also, KVS has carried out a rationalisation exercise for ensuring availability of adequate number of regular teachers in the school,” she said.

Responding to a question about whether there was no scheme for career progression or a transfer policy, which resulted in many employees spending five to seven years at distant locations and complaining of “policy paralysis,” Devi stated that there are notified schemes for career progression and transfer guidelines for all categories of employees in KVS.

“There is no policy paralysis and KVS has been actively making special efforts to address learning loss arising from the pandemic. Such learning recovery measures, depending on the requirements of the students include remedial measures taken to address the problem and difficult areas of each student, extra classes, assigning expert teachers for personalised attention, parental engagement, use of technology and specific instructional material and worksheet and workbooks to address the specific learning requirements of students,” Devi stated.

The Minister also denied that some principals were bitter and frustrated, and alleged that there was “employee unrest” because some of them were forced to work double shifts.  “No such matter has been reported,” she stated.

Source: PTI

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