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UGC new draft guidelines: UG ‘honours’ degree only after four years, not three

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According to the draft guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC), students would be able to obtain an undergraduate “honours” degree after completing four years rather than three. On Monday, the draft ‘curriculum and credit framework for four-year undergraduate programmes’ prepared in compliance with National Education Policy is expected to be notified.

“Students will be able to get a UG degree in three years on completion of 120 credits (measured through the number of academic hours) and a UG honours degree in four years on completion of 160 credits. “If they wish to go for a research specialisation, they will have to undertake a research project in their four-year course. This will get them an Honours degree with research specialisation,” the draft read.

“Students who have already enrolled and are pursuing a three-year UG programme as per the existing Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) are eligible to pursue a four-year undergraduate programme. The university may provide bridge courses (including online) to enable them to transition to the extended programme,” it noted.

Students currently receive an honours degree after completing three years of undergraduate studies. The Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) also provides students with several entry and exit points. If they leave before three years, they will be allowed to return within three years of their leave and must complete their degree within a seven-year term.

According to the document, the FYUP curriculum should include major and minor stream courses, courses from other disciplines, language courses, skill courses, and a set of courses on environmental education, understanding India, digital and technical solutions, health and wellness, yoga education, and sports and fitness.

Students can choose to continue with their present major or change their major at the end of the second semester. Students will also have the option of pursuing a UG with a single or double major. “A student has to secure a minimum of 50 per cent credits from the major discipline for the 3-year/4-year UG degree to be awarded a single major,” the document stated.

Source: PTI

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